Church History

The Potter’s House Church was founded when God revealed to his son-servant Elder Danny P. Stevens Sr. and called him to the Pastoral Ministry in April of 1997. At the time he was a member of the Bay Minette Church Of God In Christ under the leadership of Elder Bobby Smith. Pastor Stevens finally fully answered the call in August of 1997. The Potter’s House Church was the name given of the Ministry by God. The vision was to be Gods arms, legs and mouth in the earth realm to put people lives back together again. The ministry began in the home of Pastor Stevens and his wife Sharron at 1005 Moran Street, Bay Minette, Alabama. The first Sunday service was held October 5th 1997. The service consisted of Pastor Stevens, his wife Sharron and their children, Danny Jr., Shundra and Steven. God added to the ministry as he saw fit. After about a month while Pastor Stevens was driving through the neighborhood praying to God and looking for a building. God by his divine direction and providence allowed Pastor to drive up to the corner of Old Daphne Road and South Hoyle Ave. At that time he noticed a gentleman who after talking to was found to be the property owner putting up a for rent sign at 401 South Hoyle Ave. God confirmed by his Spirit that this was the building and the location. After talking with the property owner and finding favor of God we began renting the building.

God gave Pastor Stevens the vision of the designing of the building’s interior, he and other members that God had given tore out walls removed wiring, plumbing and other modifications. Our church found favor with another church that donated some pews and some florescent lights. The first service in this building was October 19th 1997. God continued to add to the ministry as he saw fit.

Part of the vision that the Lord has given Pastor Stevens was to build Him a place where he could be worshiped in spirit and in truth. We the members met and decided to apply for a loan to build Him a house. We went to the bank submitted all requested paperwork that the bank asked for. Unfortunately we were denied the loan but learned what was needed for us to do to successfully apply for one in the future. The church later obtained an EIN number and a checking account. God miraculously began to multiply the church’s finance. The membership became 100% tithers and all pledged something. God also began to touch the hearts of people outside of the church who began pouring monies into the ministry. God then laid on Pastor Stevens to apply for our own 501c3 tax-exempt status with the IRS. The church became incorporated as the Potter’s House Church Inc. Pastor Stevens did not understand the relevance of this 501c3 status since we were under the umbrella of another church at the time, but obeyed God’s leading as he had learned to do. This later will play an important role in the obtaining of property for the church new building. Sometime between the year 2000 and 2001 Pastor Stevens his wife Sharron, Elder Ronald Taylor his wife Darlene and Elder Lesley Williams his wife Marvelda came to the property where the church now stands and anointed it with oil and prayed over it and staked our claim in the name of Jesus. After talking with the landowner from time to time and time kept progressing with no avail in reference to the property owner selling the church the property Pastor Stevens began to think that maybe he has missed God in reference to this location. Pastor Stevens began to look for other properties in which God did not allow any of these doors to open. Sometime in 2002 the property owner call and asked Pastor Stevens to meet him on the property. After walking over the property the landowner was asked how much was he selling the property for? The landowner replied that he felt that the Lord was leading him to give the property to the Church but the Church had to have its own 501c3 tax-exempt status in which El-Elyon (the Most High God) had already foreseen and taken care of.

In 2003 a warranty deed was given to the church for 3 acres of property at our present location. The generous property owner wishes to remain anonymous. We had to go through a lot of red tape which was no problem because El-Elyon took care of them all.

God drew up the plan and design of the church as he moved on Pastor Stevens. We encountered rain continually for about a year, mud and as the area was about to dry the City drained it water tank and again saturated the area. This was bad but found to be good because it was discovered that the city’s storm water drain drained on our property. Through all these toils and trials the Church prevailed.

Sunday August 10th 2003, the Potter’s House Church new building was dedicated. Superintendent Clifford Terrell of Gospel Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ in Montgomery, Alabama brought the message. The theme was “Except the Lord builds the House”.

On May 15, 2005 our church mortgage which was a 15 year with a 5 year bubble was paid off. We are know a Debt-free church. We give God all the Glory. We are moving to phase-II of God’s kingdom building plan which is a recreation/activity center for the community as well as the church when God give the time and design.

God continues to add to the church as he sees fit as well as maturing the Body as a whole builds the whole man-spirit, soul, body. We do our part to make the Body of Christ one and to pull down in the name of Jesus walls of differences. In December 2008 we added 750 square ft. to our fellowship hall for multi-purposes. But mainly for a new believers classroom and for our 14 years old to 12th grade students. God done this debt free. We continue to do the will of God by the spirit of God to expand God’s Garden Expansion Program, which is His kingdom , which is manifesting itself in the earth realm now.

To God be the Glory

“ Sol - De - Gloria”