Our Pastor

Pastor Biography

Pastor, Danny P. Stevens Sr. was born June 23, 1960 in Bay Minette, AL. to the late Dan & Alena Stevens. I attended Baldwin County High School, where I graduated in 1978. I received a football scholarship from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama where I attended for 3.5 years. I always sensed God speaking to me about my created purpose but ignored it. While in college, I lived a very sinful life and always sensed God speaking to me to come unto him. I continued to resist his calls. I was involved in two serious accident and several fights where guns and knives was involved. Even then, God was good and my life was spared. After my first car accident, I sensed God telling me to leave Montgomery; go home, marry then Ms. Sharron Williams, accept Him in my life and wait for further instructions. So, I came home, and married Sharron but I did not accept God in my life. I continued to use drugs and alcohol for nine years. I lost almost everything even my wife.and family. At the time we had two children Danny Jr. and Shundra.

After I came to the end of myself (got tired of me) in December 31, 1991 I accepted the free gift of Eternal Life on January 1, 1992. God began to work miracles in my life. I was instantly delivered form drugs and alcohol and as I read His word Jesus began to reveal Himself to me and by taking heed and obeying His word He began to purge me from all sin.

God gave me a new marriage with my wife Sharron, “behold I make all things new.” God gave us another child Steven in October of 1992. God continued to do many wonderful things in my life. In 1992, I sensed God calling me to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. In 1993 I accepted that call to preach. I had my initial sermon and was licensed as a minster by the late Elder Marvin Stanley, pastor of Bay Minette, AL. C.O.G.I.C. In 1995, I was ordained as an Elder by the late Bishop W. S. Harris of the Second Ecclesiastical District of the State of Alabama. In the latter part of 1996, I sensed God calling me to the pastoral ministry. I accepted that call, had the laying on of hands by Bishop Harris, my pastor at that time was Superintendant Bobby Smith the pastor of Bay Minette, AL C.O.G.I.C. at that time. We were named the Potter’s House Mission which later became the Potter’s House Church.